Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tell stories to your developers, they like it

a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to
interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale.

Easy story telling:

The above line reveals an important secret: a story is not always read. Given an option, most of us would like to hear the story from story writer rather than reading it. Thus:
  • Shouldn’t we write stories in a way it is easy to narrate? (hmmm... 'Narrative'?)
  • Is it possible to write a story in a way which is easy to remember after narration?

Provide Business Context

“Story is designed to interest and amuse the hearer or reader.”

How do I amuse somebody? I guess, by telling something they don’t know Or by confirming/contradicting what they expected to know.

The only way amuse a developer to provide a good and interesting business context for the story, at least to confirm what they are expected to know from business perpective. And, if you really able to tell something they don't know, you might really amuse your story listener.

Don’t forget to tell about lead character and his/her interest

Are you telling the story of a king or a Queen? It is about a Superhero?

Don't worry, if your lead character is a simple user of your application. Everybody likes to find out the lead character of the story and many a times it is a simple user.

Hopefully, lead character of your story is very clear in your mind. Would you forget to mention your lead character in your story? Hope not !! It would be a bonus to your listener if you can sketch the character of your story.

And what does your lead character wants to achieve in the story? Find Love or take Revenge? Won't you like to share this information with your story listeners?

Write Acceptance Criteria

So, you narrated the story. Your lead character wants to achieve something. Ask your developers to enhance the system in a way that your lead character finds what s/he is looking for. Your lead character might be lucky enough to follow "happy" path or they might take "alternative" routes to find the final destination.

Write acceptance criteria to fulfill wish of your lead criteria and let there be happy ending for your story.

Happy story writing :)