Thursday, September 11, 2008

When do you need a business analyst

So I'm working for a client where they practice Agile, but do not have the role of a business analyst. They prefer to have their business users work closely with the development teams, calling this role that of a product manager. The people in these roles are subject matter experts who understand the business very well and have been trained well in Agile concepts.

However, when it comes to working with the development team, its difficult for them to always provide information in the form that developers can consume. At several times, we have seen that the role of an analyst is needed to bring consensus on requirements within the different business groups and to structure and sequence functionality such that the best interests of the project are always upheld.

The work involved is fairly spread across various systems and not contained to a small area. I think that if the latter was the case, then perhaps we could have got by without any analyst role.

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Mick said...

The real value of business analysts comes in understanding a problem and deciding which solution type is best (this could be a manual solution or require a six sigma approach or some other route). Not having a business analyst leaves that decision in the hands of the business user who is not equipped to analysis the problem and make that decision. IT then only become involved when the business user thinks the solution lies with IT.